Sand is the protagonist of this artwork.

The wisdom of ancient peoples - the word - is inscribed in sand. The dialogue that takes place between Omega (below on the left) e Aleph (above inside the Torah scroll) is conducted by books (horizontal lines going up). That which the sand has hidden and jealously preserved over the centuries is now revealed through hard work and study...

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. The last documents of Sacred Scripture, those closest to us in time, were written in Greek. As a result, the study of ancient wisdom must be done backwards: we begin with what we know and possess and then we work backwards, towards previous centuries, thereby discovering their secrets, enigmas and mysteries.

Aleph: the beginning, the number one, the arche. Aleph is symbolized as an achievement almost equal in value to cuneiform writing () and hieroglyphics (), since with the word humanity breaks its silence, establishes relationships among human beings and transforms the individual into a social being who communicates through the word ().

Marcello Silvestri, 2013

Vedi mostra e collaborazioni con Universita' Gregoriana

    Via Pulchritudinis