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The Word that Colors the Canvas: Marcello Silvestri’s Arts

Roots, twisted woods, pieces of metal and leaves, rope and straw are the elements with which he builds his works. Intertwining them with the colors of the earth, the shades of water and sky, the thousand shades of green of the landscape that he sees from the windows of his house on the hill. His name is Marcello Silvestri. Together with his wife Margherita, they live in the middle of the meadows and under the trees of a house in Tarquinia. Many men and women in love with art and life in the Spirit have passed through this sea-facing countryside. They would stop by for a moment of prayer, for an ecumenical meeting, or to take a look at the workshop of an artist who works by reading the sacred text and making room for it. It is the liturgy of the day that gives him the energy to go and compose, says Sylvester. The Word illuminates the news and on the canvas it becomes the dark red and the shapes of burnt wood entitled Ukraine 2022. The phrase of Paul «Three times shipwrecked, I spent a day and a night in the sea depths» (2cor 11:25) inspires the Shipwreck, an almost monochromatic canvas in which wood sand and chalk, mixed with blue and streaked with red, are waves where they float «eyes open, imploring human piety before being suffocated by the waters and the oblivion of every vain conscience». Marcello Silvestri is 77 years old, with two daughters Sara and Paola, and three grandchildren. What defines him? the love for colors and for the Word of God. To find out more, visit his website: marcellosilvestri.com or his twitter account @silvestri_arte. (this article appeared in Sobicain in the summer 2022).